CooLHeadS mission is to provide customers with a unique new cooling towel as a way of beating the heat like never before. By offering multiple unique sun protection style products that keep you looking and feeling CooL! Coupled with our unique passion to better our communities, Our CooLHeadS products are not only designed to help you look CooL, they also do a great job of keeping you extremely “CooL” as well. CooLHeadS products are a sleek and stylish way to make a fashion statement from your creative side or a simple new way to beat the heat. No matter your individual style, we have a CooLHeaD product for you!

Sun Protection Head wear 

Staying protected from the sun is very important on hot summer days! Coolheads were designed with Sun Protection in mind, we have the best Sun Hat on the market that fits in the sun protection head wear category.  Our cooling towel has been used to cool off people at music fests, construction sites, beach days just to name a few.  We make sun hats for people all over the world that keep them cool on hot summer days and block the sun from their head and neck. Our customers love being able to enjoy our sun protection head wear on the beach while on vacation and on their head while doing outdoor tasks at home.  Shop Now

Cooling Hat

The cooling hat for the new generation! Our cooling hat is the coolest way to stay cool and is perfect for athletes, lawn care professionals, concert goers, music fest lovers, mountain climbers, fishermen and others who love the outdoors.  We have the cooling hat that keeps you looking cool in mind!  Our cooling hat is the best on the market and is a great addition to your summer products.  Keep our cooling hat with you while camping, boating, biking, skateboarding, cutting the grass, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.  

Sun Hat

The best sun hat on the market! Our sun hat will keep you cool in a very cool way, the Coolheads Sun hat fits perfectly on your head and protects you from harmful sun rays.  Keep our sun hat with you all summer long to have an added layer of sun protection with you need it.  Dunk our sun hat in ice cold water to have refreshing feeling that no other sun hat on the market can give you.  Use our sun hat to take your sun protection to the next level while outdoors doing your favorite activities like summer vacation, cruise, beach or outdoor concert.  

Head Towel 

Some of our customers refer to our products as head towels and we don't mind that! Because that just makes us the best head towel on the market! We love being known as the coolest head towel out there and our unique design makes us an awesome way to stay cool.  The Coolheads head towel is the best way to make a statement at the pool party, music fest and beach party that you go to! Summer has never been so cool and our head towel helps you enjoy the outdoors in a very cool way! 

Cooling Towel

The Cooling towel that everybody is talking about! The best way to stay cool is using our cooling towel when you need to stay extra cool.  Our cooling towel makes sure that your day outside keeps you cool and gives you a cool look that people will wonder where you got your cooling towel from.  Having a cooling towel from Coolheads will make you the coolest person at the pool party or beach party! Let the world know just how cool you are by wearing the coolest cooling towel on the market.  

Towel Hat

Our towel hat is a very cool way to stay cool and is the only towel hat on the market that men and women can enjoy! Golfers, football players, track athletes and fisherman love our towel hats as a way to stay cool on the hottest days of the year.  Coolheads towel hats keep you cool on the hottest days of the year and allow you to do your favorite outdoor activities with no fear of the sun.  Use our towel hat to make sure the sunrays don't stop you from being outdoors to attend concerts or work on construction sites.    

As Seen On TV

We've been endorsed by Kevin Harrington who was an original member of the hit show Shark Tank on ABC network.  We teamed up with Kevin Harrington and his team to shoot our As Seen On TV commercial that can be seen nationwide! This As Seen on TV endorsement has taken our company to the masses and introduced us to markets all over the world! 


Founded in 2010, we are CooL New Company With CooL New products that Perfectly Fuse Fashion and Functionality for a cooling towel with a unique and individual style of sun protection like no other. We offer a number of "summer time" related products that give our customers a chance stay cool on the hottest days of the year! 


By taking the money from our sales and placing it directly into communities who need it most, we've created a circle of giving back. Taking the time to give back is something we take very seriously, and we plan to make a difference in communities all over the world by being a presence with our CooLHeadS products.


The Cooling Towel Made with 100% ultra soft absorbent terry cloth; our Completely Unique designs are 100% Machine washable, and provide 100% Sun Protection for your head and neck area.  Each of our headwear designs has a inner band system holds our headwear securely in place on your head to give you a secure fit.

Live Summer is our motto and all of our products allow you to do just that, "Live Summer"


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